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You are well prepared with
GL scratch and sun protection

Our scratch protection for train windows: We also offer all panes with
anti-scratch film to prevent vandalism and other unfortunate effects on
train windows. These films are not recognisable and are efficient against
third party intervention in a refined way. The films accept damage to a
"sacrificial coating": Perpetrators therefore feel that they have achieved their
objective and are satisfied so leave the window alone. Once the maltreated
film is removed the glass area is seen to be undamaged and a new cover
can be added.

Our sun protection for train windows: Windows covered in sun protection
films take in noticeably less heat and offer protection from UV rays. They
prevent blinding light, prevent the interior from fading and not least upgrade
the appearance.

  GL Spezialverglasung
is your partner for:

  Delivery of special scratch and
sun protection films in rolled goods
  Delivery of pre-assembled scratch
and sun protection films – cut ready
for any window size
  Delivery and installation of individual
panes incl. scratch and/or sun protection
  Equipping the trains or the whole
fleet with scratch and/or sun protection
  Equipping trains internally (cladding,
WCs etc.) with coloured or anti-graffiti
  Films for whole trains with colour
or anti-graffiti films to customer
specifications and designs